• have SNP genotype data for some individuals?
  • want HLA type information for these individuals?
See the Tutorial for a gentle and the section Documentation for a more thorough introduction.

HLA*IMP will assist you by imputing HLA type information based on SNP genotypes - in an accurate and reliable manner (see Publications for methods and validation results). This service is intended for academic use only - for the legal details, please consult our Terms of Use for details (if you are a non-academic user and want to use our imputation technology, please contact us).

Generally speaking, dense and accurate SNP genotyping data from the xMHC region will enable you to use HLA*IMP on your data. The program works best for samples of European ancestry, but we are working on improving performance for other ethnicities.

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Step II: Manual and front-end

Download the front-end tool to convert your data to the right formats, and have a look at the Documentation before experimenting with it.


If you use our software in a scientific context, please cite us in your publications. You can find a list of our publications under Publications - in any case, please cite the Dilthey et al. (2010) and Leslie et al. (2008) papers.